Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ironies of Today

... the last time I write a blog post was March 7. Ouch.

A striking resemblance to my freshman college dorm room.
The carpet is a nice addition, though.
... I just spent four and a half hours driving to meet my dad to drop my kids off for four days so I can spend three nights in a dorm that is exactly like the one in which I lived my freshman and sophomore years at Wartburg (Woo Hoo!! Centennial Hall???!!!)

... much like my time at Wartburg I am on the THIRD floor of an un-air-conditioned building after the hottest day we've had yet this summer ... windows wide open, fan blaring, allergies ablare and sinuses full. Oh, and I'm the only female here at this point. The others likely know better than to spend an extra night in dorm housing and will be arriving tomorrow or have figured out how to secure hotel funds.

Dinner View
... my husband is sitting in our brand-new air conditioned home, by himself, while I am here and our kids are with my dad. This is a far cry from our usual date nights the week my kids are at Dads, when we enjoy dining on the deck and hanging out together.

... in spite of my elation at the opportunity to enjoy dinner, alone, sitting along the street at dusk, I ended up engaging in a meaningful conversation with a pastor who is also attending the seminar.

...in all, I'm thankful and excited for the opportunity to meet some new people, engage in conversation, and come away with some helpful perspectives ... but I'm not sure I'll take housing advice from Pastor Mark Schlenker in the future...