Friday, March 7, 2014

The Difference Between Mother and Monster: Am I Willing?

It's morning. Hectic. Crazy. Already they are amped up and it's not even 7 a.m.. Chasing. Screaming. Battling over bathrooms. Slamming doors.

And I want to explode. I want to echo back with equal amplitude the noise and energy they exude so they Will. Just. Stop.

And the difference between unleashing the fury and patiently working step by step to infuse order and calm is me.

Am I willing?

Am I willing to do the hard work of parenting with intention, of setting limits and enforcing consequences?

Am I willing to pause a beat? To let that bubbled up, boiled over anger dissipate until I can respond out of the genuine love I feel for these amazing little people.

Some days I am, and some days not so much. Some days I can't get over myself and the overwhelming sense of frustration that crushes me. 

Other days I am willing. Willing to open my palms to the sky and receive the grace first given me and extend that love and grace to these amazing little people God has given me the blessing to parent.

Five Minute Friday