Friday, February 28, 2014

Choose or Chosen?

Five Minute FridayI've finally decided to take the leap and join in Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday writing challenge and link-up. This is a big leap for me because to do it I have to be willing and available to write on a specific day, and that can be hard. But I'm going to do it today and come back as many Fridays as I can to continue the practice. Today's prompt: Choose.

I think sometimes in the Christian community we get really wound up thinking about "choosing", whether it be the right words and actions, our friends, our children's schooling, a church, clothing, or, in some instances, a relationship with God.

The thing is, this is yet another symptom of our inability to surrender control. Our salvation is not dependent on OUR choices, but on the God who first CHOSE us (a different conjugation of the verb, I admit).

So, whatever we choose, we are first and foremost chosen children of the most high, receiving grace upon grace despite our response. And once that ultimate choice is recognized, we have the beautiful privilege of responding as we extend that grace with the world around us.

And even this sharing is not entirely a choice. Instead it is the work of the Spirit, and much like Paul and the early apostles were so overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit that they could not help but spread the Gospel, so we, too, experience a joy and desire to share this amazing gift of grace that cannot be contained.