Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Of Naptimes and Showers

It's that time of day when my eyelids grow heavy and  I yearn to curl up under a warm blanket.

Somewhere along the rhythm of Motherhood this became a habit, though if I had to admit, I've always craved an after lunch nap. I can remember being unbearably drowsy after lunch in high school. And in the days of office work, I remember heading for a soda or to the coffee pot for an afternoon boost.

There are other habits that have come with Motherhood ...
...stealing peaceful moments to myself and clinging to them as long as they last.
...every other day showers.
...sleeping as long as I'm allowed, in fear that I may not have the opportunity again anytime soon.
...protecting the napping hours as if they were a sacred shrine, not to be disturbed for fear of late afternoon tantrum torture.
....a deep seeded need for a routine to guide me through the checkpoints of the day to its end.

These habits developed over time, conditioned responses to the demands of every-two-hour nighttime feedings, newborn care, chasing toddlers and general Motherhood.

However, life has changed. My children are older. While these habits served to help me survive the last seven years, are they all still necessary?

It occurred to me the other morning that there really was no longer a reason why I couldn't manage to shower every day, or get up before them to be ready for the day, or just hang out to watch when they are playing nicely.

Life has changed.

As the days grow shorter and the air cools, life around us is changing. The rhythms of summer are giving way to school and all the delights of autumn. What is changing in you this year?