Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Nights when I meet with the women in our Mom's group core team seem to inspire me to put word to page. And yet there are no words tonight.

So this is what comes to mind...

I had an amazing Thanksgiving.

In ways, I'm a bit hesitant to talk about it.

We didn't do the "expected" thing.

We didn't travel to see family and try to keep our young children entertained so they wouldn't tear apart some unsuspecting relatives house.

We just didn't.

Instead, my husband took Wednesday off, since the kids were out of school.

They went for a hike around a local lake, and I spent the morning baking pies and breakfast sweet breads. I printed out colorful leaves and beautiful place cards for our table. Cutting out leaves of love ... of thankful hearts to hang from dead branches that would spring life.

And on Thursday we gathered.

We gave thanks.

Thanks for simplicity.

 For love.

For babies arrived and babies expected.

For those sitting round the table demanding.

For ALL.

We gave thanks.

And for once, I present, gave thanks.

For this moment.

For these moments.

All of them.

The preparation and celebration.

All of it.

All joy.

All grace.

Give thanks.