Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

The peace, it comes at Christmas.
Advent can be uncomfortable.
The searching as we strive to make perfect moments.
The longing for something that matters, the “reason for the season”, more compassion, less indifference.
The emptiness of a million traditions, enacted in love, but never enough.
Never enough.

Maybe God intended that we might yearn for Christmas.
For the Christ-child and the peace only he brings.
We yearn to heal ourselves, fill our empty spaces.
We strive for perfection.
We can right our wrongs.
We can make ourselves whole.

Until we stare into the face of Christ,
into the blinding brilliance,
awestruck surrender,
and realize we have never known peace.
Not like this.
Amazing grace.
How sweet.
How sweet.