Friday, October 29, 2010

The Kitchen Sink

When I was a kid, I loved to stand at Grandma's kitchen sink and wash dishes together. She had a perfect view of the beautiful, old tree that stood in their front yard. There were several bird feeders, and the chances of seeing a cardinal, blue jay or other beautiful bird were pretty good.

Washing dishes was the time she spent one-on-one with us, and she said she never wanted a dishwasher ... she'd miss out on too much.

Right now the window over my sink faces the inside of my home ... it provides me an unobstructed view of my living room so I can keep an eye on my children as they play, learn and grow. 

Someday, I hope to have a sink window looking out so I, too, can enjoy the beauty of leaves shimmering in the wind, birds gathering by the feeder and the passing seasons.

I often get caught up worrying about being "outside" more: getting more involved, doing more, advocating for things about which I am passionate. As I stood today, washing dishes and watching Analise crawl, sit up, go back to all fours and go after her toys, it struck me that my kitchen window view is a befitting analogy for life with young ones.

We are in the years when we focus inward ... guiding and watching our children grow. As they grow, they will take us out into that world where we will teach them to live in it. There will be plenty of time to face out later, when the world will need us caring for it just as much as our kids need us today.