Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Sabbath

As I passed the laundry room after putting Analise down for her nap, I remembered I needed to transfer Lucas' sheets from the washer to dryer. A bloody nose in the night had made washing his sheets today a necessity. I dismissed the task, hoping to slip in a nap while both children rest before Nicolas returns from a weekend with Grandma.

I got Lucas settled in the basement for his rest time and cuddled up on the couch for a snooze. I suppose 15 or 20 minutes passed while I listened to the outdoor water faucet squeak as the sprinkler watered the grass. I was just cresting the verge of sleep when I heard Analise begin to moan and squawk.

Which led me to ponder, how exactly are mothers to observe the Sabbath?

Now rest assured, this isn't another diatribe on how mothers work harder than everyone else in their always demanding, often thankless, jobs of nurture.


This is just an honest observation.

In the tending and care of small children, diapers must still be changed, babies nursed, children carried, and feelings soothed.

For me, this is the work of daily life.

The idea of an entire day to break from work and rest is appealing.

I'm just not sure how realistic it is for a mother.

After I got Analise up from her nap, I did transfer those sheets to the dryer and got Lucas' comforter started in the washer.

Later today I'll make his bed, too.

So much for the Sabbath.