Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Entirely Different Creature

I am already amazed by my daughter.

I'm not talking about the typical, "Wow, the things they learn to do in such a short time," or "That's OUR baby," kind of amazement.

I am amazed by her.

I am in love with the way she nestles into the crook of my neck and wraps her arm around mine to hold on tight ...

The way she simply falls asleep, without a whole circus of movement and soothing.

This calm, still little creature that simply latches on and eats with no pushing, pulling and constant squirming.

Adoring eyes that gaze at me with such intense love.

A smile that consumes her entire body and leaves my chest inflated with warm, gooey fullness.

Soft giggles and squeals of contentment.

A hand curled around my finger, squeezing tight.

Strong arms and legs, kicking, squirming, determined to sit tall, roll and move.

She is so much.

I see the potential of all she can be and how she is already so much more than I am.

My baby girl.