Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm finding myself at a crossroads tonight.

It is a threshold I have stared into many times in the last two years.

And tonight I stepped across.

If you've read any of this blog you have, no doubt, sensed a restlessness in my faith and worship life. I have blogged about a sense of being called, of purpose and mission, of passion and vision. Despite my wanderings, I have always found my way back to my church home.

That all changed tonight.

Tonight I started the process of sharing our family's decision to attend Sunday morning worship in a new church.

Ultimately, it was a decision we made to further put down roots in our local community and help our children connect with their peers.

But for me, it is about much, much more.

It is about a deep yearning I have to be a part of a community of faith that is united in its mission to look to the needs of its local community and members and strives to be a place of nurture, service and outreach.

It isn't about all the bells and whistles, praise bands and flashy technology.

It's about being seen as a capable, intelligent adult with valuable perspectives.

It is about ministries that seek to meet our needs while offering an opportunity to serve and learn.

And it's about starting new in a place that I accept "as is."

As with any crossing, there is loss.

There are friends I may not see as often.

Dreams that must die.

Disappointments I must live with.

But God has a plan for everything. And though I may have to accept that my role is different than I had envisioned, it is nonetheless important.

I just have to be still and listen for his call.