Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To do list

So, I've been blog-less for a while ... due in part to the fact that I haven't had time to sit in the silence that motivates me to put some words to page. I also haven't found myself undeniably inspired by anything.

The most pressing issue for us these days seems to be our unending list of "projects." As the basement was on hiatus while we waited for trim and doors to be delivered, Scott worked on painting some shelving for the boys' rooms and painting our formerly green wrought-iron deck furniture chocolate brown. We've also spent significant time shopping for furniture for our living room as our current stuff will go down in the basement when it is finished.

Since these things we are painting/replacing/etc. aren't any older than our 5 year marriage, I begin to contemplate just how much time and energy we spend picking out the "perfect" things and putting them together to create our home only to do it all over again in such a short span of time.

I must admit, we've moved, which motivates this decorating transformation, but I find myself impatient this time around. When we renovated our old home, we did so over a span of several years, with a monthly budget and two incomes.

Now that we've been there and done that, I find myself impatient with the process. I just want things done. I want this house cozy, warm and inviting ... right now. I have not the patience for the deliberations - the discussions of how much furniture, placed where, with what budget.

And in that, I cannot deny that I am so much a product of this consumer culture we live in. As I contemplate new sofa and loveseat I look to my dining room set and think it, too, needs an update.

Where does it end?

I wish this were a fresh or in any way unique discussion, but it is not. I am only now realizing I am as beholden to our current way of life as the next "Gen X-er" ... and that disappoints me a little.

That said ... I still want that new couch.