Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Project Updates

My summer of new projects is in full swing, and I think things are going pretty well.

I guess I'll have to give a full evaluation after Praise n Play this week. We had a meager gathering last week (me, my kids and the Youth director), but I was not aware of how many schools/teachers were still in session, so just poor planning on my part. I did get a chance to work on my bulletin board, though!

Our couple's Bible study had its first session last night, and we had a great turnout. I know it would be ideal for this to be a time totally set aside for study/contemplation with children at home with sitters, but that is just not realistic for people. If we parents get a night away, we're likely to spend it having a peaceful dinner or enjoying some form of entertainment.

We had good weather most of the night, so the kids played outside, but I have to say when everyone (seven in all) came inside at the end it made for a less than serene (though nonetheless heartfelt) closing prayer. I like the resource we're using, though I recognize the need to let the conversation flow organically as opposed to peppering it with so many provided questions that it becomes formulaic.

That said, I am so thankful for this group of people that has chosen to dedicate their Sunday afternoons to study and exploration of their path of discipleship in marriage. It is these connections that keep us grounded in community and these conversations that cause us to grow in depth and breadth of roles as Christian disciples and living out the lives to which we are called.

I was reminded today of the need to always seek God's will for our endeavors, for those things which he has ordained will flourish, and those we contrive of our own selfish desires will wither away.