Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being Christian/Being Human

So, I find myself pondering the question (not for the first time): How do we reconcile the fact that we are human and by nature sinful, despicable creatures, yet as Christians we are called to love one another?

This week I am running in six directions, trying to balance the demands of my commitments, family and sanity.

I am confronted with God's children (in the form of kids and adults) as I volunteer my time. The very purpose of my presence is to extend God's love in acts of service.

And despite my very intention to participate as an act of service and love,I am sometimes short with these, God's children about the smallest, silliest things,

I am resentful,

I harbor wrongs and slights.

Can't they see we are doing our best?

Can't they see we are just volunteers?

Can't they just be thankful?

How incredible that this God who not only provides for our every need but CREATED us daily bears the burden of our dissatisfaction with His bountiful gifts,

and only pours out more love,

more forgiveness,

more grace?

How is it that I, who cannot let go of these simple things in order to be God's hands in this world, can still deserve his love and forgiveness?

That's grace.




For us.