Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sonja's Blog: Dreaming

April 30, 2009 at 2:47pm
At our weekly Akaloo small group we were discussing our church and the dreams we have for its future. As I let my mind wander over the course of last night and this morning, I saw myself taking ownership for this change I desire.

I imagined starting small group Bible studies that met in people's homes, between services, after services and any time it would be convenient for people to gather. I imagined turning them into opportunities to share a meal and step away from the daily grind to connect with and support one another as we dig into the word and its meaning for us.

I went so far as to picture myself on staff. The thought of it was so exciting that in my face-washing/makeup-applying/hair-doing fantasy, I would do it completely on a volunteer basis, as long as childcare was provided.

I imagined working one on one with the pastors to develop confirmation curriculum that is sound in both content and relevant and interesting to a dynamic age group. I imagined working as a team to facilitate these learning sessions while freeing the pastors to connect with the students and ensure the content was theologically sound.

I imagined facilitating our current infant/toddler Praise and Play during the week throughout the summer on Monday mornings, inviting many of our participants who are teachers during the school year and opening up the program as an outreach to the immediate community by advertising it through various media.

I imagined starting and facilitating a MOPS group that meets in the evening for working moms, gathering those within our congregation and extending the invitation to families in the surrounding community.

I imagined our church starting a day care that my own children attend in our transformed parsonage, providing a needed resource to the community and outreach to families in need. I imagined the lawn fenced in and playground equipment erected to provide outdoor play for the day care children and a place for children to play supervised by caring older siblings or adults while their parents take part in ministries inside the church.

I imagined continuing to facilitate the electronic communication of our church and expanding that to include utilizing local media to promote events to those in the immediate community and beyond.

I imagined myself as the center and hub for families at our church -- helping them connect with ministries, resources, and people. I saw myself visiting families who are anticipating having their first child and offering assistance and encouragement; celebrating when the new additions arrive; and providing support when the unthinkable occurs.

As these thoughts tumbled over one another and spilled out, I laughed at the arrogance of me "hiring" myself onto staff and dreaming up such elaborate plans.

Ah, if it were only so simple.

However, while it its entirety it may be a pie-in-the-sky dream, I cannot ignore the momentum with which it hit me. My clear visions for the future seemed to have the passion and urgency of the Holy Spirit.

In reflecting, I wonder if I am beginning to get a sense of that to which I am being called.

God only knows.